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Climbing in the Polar regions

Our Polar expeditions include climbing Vinson - the highest mountain in Antarctica, skiing to the last degrees to the North and South Poles, trips to the Antarctica Peninsula and South Georgia and expeditions to Greenland, including a crossing of the icecap. You can also prepare for the Polar ski journeys on our Polar Expedition Training course in Norway.

Vinson was the last of the Seven Continental Summits to be climbed. Located 1200Km from the South Pole, the summit temperatures can drop to -30°C. You can combine the Vinson climb with skiing the last degree to the South Pole. The North Pole - The Last Degree is a serious adventure not without risk, for those who wish to test themselves in the tough Arctic environment.

Greenland Icecap Crossing Greenland Helen Turton

Greenland Icecap Crossing

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Greenland Mountaineer Greenland Matt Spenceley

Greenland Mountaineer

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South Georgia Traverse South Georgia Martyn Morse

South Georgia Traverse

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