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Kilimanjaro - Umbwe Route

The Umbwe (pronounced "Um-bway") Route provides a very direct route up Africa's highest mountain. This trek follows the Umbwe Route, then joins the southern circuit and Barafu route to reach the summit. The Umbwe Route is steeper and therefore takes less time than other trekking routes on Kilimanjaro, meaning it is unsuitable unless you have acclimatised elsewhere first. Nearby Mount Meru (4,556m), a dormant volcano in Arusha National Park, is a spectacular ascent in it's own right and the three-day climb not only provides vital acclimatisation, but is a good chance to see plenty of wildlife, something which is scarce on Kilimanjaro.

This is not a definitive list and is designed to be used in conjunction with our kit list sent to you in your dossier.

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